Large Joint Implant Testing

Large Joint
Implant Testing

The renowned medical testing laboratories at Knight Testing, LLC provide a variety of testing solutions for the medical/orthopedic industry. This includes knee implant testing for FDA and regulatory approval.
In addition to performing these tests, our team of experts will guide you through the required tests for your device and continue providing support to address any questions that arise during the regulatory evaluation process.
Here’s a list of commonly tested knee replacement components below.
Hip Implant Under Compression Testing
Large Joint Implant Testing Services and Standards
Mechanical testing for large joints such as knee implants is multifaceted, with standards to address fatigue properties of load bearing members, disassembly forces between mating components, range of motion between articulating and sliding components, and wear debris generated from relative motion.
Here’s a list of specific testing services for knee replacement devices:
Below is a list of knee implant testing standards offered by our laboratories:
Regulatory Approval
The experts at Knight Testing specialize in testing large joints such as hip and knee replacement implants, as well as other orthopedic devices.
The test reports prepared by our experts are routinely used for submission to the FDA as well as global regulatory bodies across Europe, South America, and Asia.
We provide testing on these devices as well as continued support following your device’s submission for regulatory approval.
If you’d like to know more about our knee implant testing services, contact us for a fast quote.