Expertise in Mechanical Testing
ISO 17025 accredited fatigue and mechanical testing services for medical device, aerospace, and automotive manufacturers
We offer several types of product analysis to help clients ensure quality and regulatory compliance

Medical Device Testing

Knight Testing provides industry-leading orthopedic device testing for US and international regulatory submissions, including large joint, spine, trauma and extremities, and dental implants.


Our labs offer high cycle fatigue, low cycle fatigue, and fracture toughness testing using force, displacement, or strain control in ambient, low, or high-temperature environments.


Our specialists can help design creative solutions for static or dynamic mechanical testing products under a wide range of loading and environmental conditions.

Consulting Services

From developing your test plan on the front end to evaluating device failures on the back end, our consulting services are available for clients through every step of the testing process.

Design and Machining

With in-house design and machining capabilities, Knight Testing provides comprehensive solutions and quick turnarounds for even the most complex of test setups.


As an ATS family company, Knight Testing can offer a broad array of testing, inspection, and calibration services to meet your needs beyond what we perform in our Fort Wayne, Indiana location.

Medical Devices we Test

Commonly Tested Parts
Services and Standards
Maxillofacial Implant Under Compression Testing
Commonly Tested Parts
Large Joint Implant Under Compression Test
Spinal Implant Under Test
Commonly Tested Parts
Services and Standards
Testing Services (No Published Standards)
Bone Saw Under Compression Test
Extremity Implant Under Test
Commonly Tested Parts
Services and Standards