ISO 7206-4 – Implants for surgery — Partial and total hip joint prostheses Part 4: Determination of endurance properties and performance of stemmed femoral components

This part of ISO 7206 specifies a test method for determining the endurance properties of stemmed femoral components of total hip joint prostheses and stemmed femoral components used alone in partial hip joints under specified laboratory conditions.  It also defines the conditions of testing so that the important parameters that affect the components are taken into account, and describes how the specimen is set up for testing.

Furthermore, this part of ISO 7206 specifies the test parameters and the requirements for the endurance limit of stemmed femoral components tested in accordance with this document.  The value of the endurance limit test forces and the corresponding number of load cycles are specified.

This test method has been developed for prostheses that have a plane of symmetry, that have preformed anteversion and/or antetorsion and/or double curvature of the stem.

This part of ISO 7206 does not cover methods of examining the test specimen after testing; these should be agreed between the test laboratory and the party submitting the specimen for test.

For tests on modular stemmed femoral components a fluid to surround the component during the test is specified.

The lower portion of the test specimen is embedded in a solid medium and a cyclic load is applied to the head of the test specimen to produce axial compression, two-plane bending and torsion until the specimen exhibits failure or until the prescribed number of cycles has been attained.  The specimen is subsequently examined for defects caused by the loading regime.

Photos of Test