ASTM F564 – Standard Specification and Test Methods for Metallic Bone Staples

This specification covers characterization of the design and mechanical function of metallic staples used in the internal fixation of the muscular skeletal system.  It is not the intention of this specification to describe or specify specific designs for metallic bone staples.  This specification includes the following four test methods for measuring mechanical properties of metallic bone staples:

  • Annex A1 – Test Method for Constant Amplitude Bending Fatigue Tests of Metallic Bone Staples
  • Annex A2 – Test Method for Pull-Out Fixation Strength of Metallic Bone Staples
  • Annex A3 – Test Method for Soft Tissue Fixation Strength of Metallic Bone Staples
  • Annex A4 – Test Method for Elastic Static Bending of Metallic Bone Staples

Test results are shown below for each test method Annex.

Annex A1 Typical test parameters with tabulated results.

ASTM F564 Table 1

ASTM F564 Table 2

ASTM F564 Graph 1

ASTM F564 Graph 2

Photos of Test