ASTM F1800 – Standard Test Method for Cyclic Fatigue Testing of Metal Tibial Tray Components of Total Knee Joint Replacements

This practice covers a procedure for the fatigue testing of metallic tibial trays used in knee joint replacements.  This practice covers the procedures for the performance of fatigue tests on metallic tibial components using a cyclic, constant amplitude force.  It applies to tibial trays which cover both the medial and lateral plateaus of the tibia.  This practice may require modifications to accommodate other tibial tray designs.  This practice is intended to provide useful, consistent, and reproducible information about the fatigue performance of metallic tibial trays with one unsupported condyle.

This practice can be used to describe the effects of materials, manufacturing, and design variables on the fatigue performance of metallic tibial trays subject to cyclic loading for relatively large numbers of cycles.  The loading of tibial tray designs in vivo will, in general, differ from the loading defined in this practice.  The results obtained here cannot be used to directly predict in vivo performance.  However, this practice is designed to allow for comparisons between the fatigue performance of different metallic tibial tray designs, when tested under similar conditions.

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