ASTM E9 – Compressive Yield Testing of Metallic Materials

The specimen is subjected to an increasing axial compressive load; both load and strain are measured and recorded, and the mechanical properties in compression determined.  Testing is performed using a strain rate of 0.005 mm/mm/min (in./in./min).  The data obtained from a compression test may include the yield strength, the yield point, Young’s modulus, the stress-strain curve, and the compressive strength.

Compressive properties are of interest in the analyses of structures subject to compressive or bending loads or both and in the analyses of metal working and fabrication processes that involve large compressive deformation such as forging and rolling.  For brittle or non-ductile metals that fracture in tension at stresses below the yield strength, compression tests offer the possibility of extending the strain range of the stress-strain data.

The Yield Strength is calculated at a 0.2% offset.  Other offsets may be used at the customer’s request.