While numerous standards exist for common devices such as cages, plates, and screws, the pace of device development in spine far exceeds the development of standards that govern how they are tested. Combined with evolving requirements from regulatory bodies, bringing a new spinal implant to market is a daunting task. KMT can help. Contact us to discuss a comprehensive yet streamlined approach to testing your new spinal implant. Some commonly tested devices are listed below:

Cervical and lumbar plating systems

Lumbar pedicle screws

OCT plate and screw systems

Spinal spacers (IBFD and VBR)

Interspinous spacers

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ASTM Standards

Standard #

Test Name


Standard Test Methods for Spinal Implant Constructs in a Vertebrectomy Model


Standard Guide for Evaluating the Static and Fatigue Properties of Interconnection Mechanisms and Subassemblies Used in Spinal Arthrodesis Implants


Test Methods For Intervertebral Body Fusion Devices


Standard Specifications and Test Methods for Components Used in the Surgical Fixation of the Spinal Skeletal System


Standard Test Method for Measuring Load Induced Subsidence of Intervertebral Body Fusion Device Under Static Axial Compression


Standard Test Methods for Occipital-Cervical and Occipital-Cervical-Thoracic Spinal Implant Constructs in a Vertebrectomy Model